Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Choose a Swimsuit That Flatters your Body

Looking for the perfect bathing suit but don't know where to start? Use this easy guide to help you get a summer swimsuit that helps you flaunt your body but stays practical. Whether you are combining this swimsuit with cheap summer sun dresses or you just want to find swimsuit online for sale, use this guide to help you get the best of the best!

A hot new look can be easy to get when you have the best fashion tips at your fingertips. Take advantage of summer 2015 swimsuits and get something that you know is going to look good!

Image is taken from an Amazon listing for one of the trendiest bikinis of 2015. You can find this women's halter swimsuit for sale on Amazon using this link. This cheap bikini for summer is sure to be a hit!

The easiest way to find out what will look great on you is to look at yourself in your underwear. Assess your body type and try to figure out what describes you the best.

Boy-Shaped: Small waistline, with shoulders, waist and hips the same size. Also known as a "stick figure" to some.

Pear-Shaped: Narrow shoulders and upper half, larger hips and/or bottom.

Hourglass Figure: Wide shoulders with larger breasts, wide hips and a very small waist in comparison.

Top-Heavy: Wide shoulders with narrow hips and/or bottom.

Busty: Larger breasts that stand out with narrow hips.

Curvy: Larger breasts, hips and a tummy.

Once you have assessed your figure, you can start looking for swimwear that helps you flaunt your body type. During the 2015 swimsuit season, you can rest assured knowing that you are looking your best with these hot fashion tips.

Boy Shaped or Stick Figure Shaped Swimsuits
If you feel like you lack some feminine features, you may want to stick to bathingsuits with frills or beautiful floral prints. Ruffles and frills are a great way to add volume to areas that may be flat. Wear them around your bust or hips to create some great curves. A plunging neckline or a string bikini can also be great and shows off some of your more natural assets. Avoid boy short bottoms and larger bandeau tops for juniors.

Pear Shaped Bathing Suits
If you have curvier hips or a larger bottom, the summer can be a great way to show them off. If your concerned about minimizing them to look more evened out, try using string bikini bottoms as part of your summer swimwear for 2015. In order to draw attention away, then try using darker colors that minimize the area. One piece bathing suits are also perfect for pear shaped women because they help draw attention to the face. Avoid boy short bathing suits for juniors and other high cut bottoms. Mixing a lighter top with a darker bottom can also help keep your figure in check.

Hourglass Figure
Avoid ill-fitting swimwear, especially suits that don't support your assets properly. Choose a classic design or go for something a bit more bold. As long as it fits, you should be able to show it off right. Remember, bright colors can draw attention to your hourglass figure!

Swimwear for Top Heavy Women
Busty women can have a hard time choosing a bathingsuit with enough support. Wearing a one piece swimsuit can be a great way to show off your top assets or neckline. Halter tops for sale can also help you create a supportive, well-covered, yet sexy look. If you want to create a more balanced look, try adding some boy shorts to your swimwear.

Find Plus Size Swimsuits Online
Those with a plus size figure may feel the most comfortable in a one-piece bathing suits. Make sure that you choose swimwear that can properly support your figure, including having wide enough straps to hold you up or underwire features. You can find many of these specialty swimsuits online.

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