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How to Dress for a Wedding

Dress for Wedding
Choosing the right dress for a wedding can be an easy task, even if it is overwhelming at first. Proper wedding attire will allow you to look your best during the event, even if you are a thrifty shopper or are recycling an old outfit. Wedding dresses for guests can be trendy, beautiful and cheap. You just need to know where to look for the proper attire and what not to wear.

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You don't want to take away from the beauty of traditional wedding dresses, but you still want to stand out as a guest in a wedding. Find out what to wear to a wedding and the proper wedding clothes with this helpful guide.

Wedding Theme Attire Clues

When attending a wedding, you might not always understand the theme of the event. Traditional wedding attire is a little more strict, but theme weddings are becoming increasingly popular. The rules of a theme wedding are vague and can be almost anything. So what do you wear to a modern wedding? How do you know what the theme is even if it isn’t announced to you?

The clues are actually in the wedding invitation. Usually formal and traditional weddings use embossed or engraved invitations. The language used in your invitation may also be very formal. When the invitation is more casually written, it can indicate that the theme is more casual or that casual attire is acceptable. If the invitation has a theme that will be present throughout the wedding event, the invitation might include a special note about wedding  theme attire. Beach weddings or destination wedding attire is also casual, but you should still try to look your best.

Evening Dresses for Weddings

Not all weddings are held on a Sunday afternoon. The date and time listed on the invitation can be a clear indicator of what is expected of you at the event. You wouldn’t wear your formal evening dresses to a daytime gathering. The same advice is true for a wedding.

If the wedding is during the day, you do not need to wear formal clothes. You may still want to stick to a summer dress or stylish short dress, but a skirt and blouse will also be appropriate. Try going for pastel colors that reflect well off of the sunlight. Mint colored dresses are perfect daytime wedding attire.

Evening wedding dresses tend to be a little more formal and often require the guests follow a dress code. Some weddings are black tie optional, but many brides and grooms still want the traditional black tie outfits. Darker suits or cocktail dresses may be appropriate.

Black Tie Wedding Attire

Black tie weddings are becoming more uncommon, but many couples still use them to create  a more formal event. If the couple mentions that it is a black tie event, you should wear a formal ball gown to the wedding. The dress should be floor length  evening  dress, but you can still make the look your own by adding a stylish shawl or formal jewelry to the outfit.

Like all dresses for a wedding, you should make sure you feel comfortable with what you wear. Formal evening wedding attire should be easy to dance in and feel perfect all night long.
Maxi Dress for Wedding

What Is Inappropriate Wedding Attire?

There are some outfits that just shouldn’t be worn to weddings. Proper wedding attire gives you thousands of options for dresses, especially if you shop online. Stick to these rules to help you weed out the dresses for weddings that are inappropriate or will make you stand out!

Do not buy:
  • White dresses for weddings – Only brides should be in white.
  • Denim dresses or street clothes – Dress up even in a casual wedding.
  • Revealing clothes – Stick to modest and subdued attire. You do not want a dress that is flashier than the bride’s wedding gown!
  • Sleeveless dresses for wedding – Try to cover up your shoulders even if you are at a warm summer wedding.

Always try to look your best at a wedding and wear a dress that works well with you!

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