Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Color Block Dress: The Hottest Summer Fashion

Color Block Dresses
What started as a typical spring fashion has now spread into summer. The color block dress is a colorful dress that features at least two bold colors and a distinct pattern. While dress color is always important, some of these patterns use colors that aren’t typically seen in modern styles. Embrace this look with these beautiful dresses, as you will likely get a lot of use out of them in the future.

This color block dress guide can be the perfect way to find a color dress that is perfect for your budget. Inside, you’ll find three distinct colors dresses perfect for your spring clothing lineup!

 Please note: The images used in this fashion review are taken from their Amazon listings. They are meant to be used as prime examples of what to wear this summer. If one of these images belong to you or you do not want your fashions highlighted on this website, please send me an email.

Boutique Dress Designers Embrace Color Block Dress Style

Red and black dress colors have always been popular. Combining them into a unique style isn’t that hard and they are always in season. One of the biggest trends in color block dresses is to combine black, red and white. This can easily be seen in work from fashion industry designers like Anne Klein.

The Anne Klein color block dress is a hot addition to anyone’s summer wardrobe, as it is perfect for sophisticated evenings and dinner parties. With an affordable price point, it is perfect for anyone with a budget. Practical and made from quality materials, this one comes highly recommended. A plus size color block dress from Anne Klein is also available, and it features the same sophisticated design.

Mooncolour Colors Dress Cheap

Get the Colors Dress Cheap

One indicator that a style is popular is seeing cheaper versions of it on Amazon. While these spring clothes aren't the exact same as the Anne Klein dress review above, it is important to note the similarities. This colors block dress takes advantage of vertical blocks, which can make a huge impact on your look. If you want to break away from the ordinary and get a sophisticated look for a big discount, check out this colors dress from Mooncolour.

If you are looking for a trendy new dress for the spring or summer, never let the price tag fool you. There are plenty of gorgeous fashions available and many of them are well under $20. If these red and black colors arn't your cup of tea, you can always try something a little more vibrant and fresh.

Bodycon Club Mini Party Dress

Color Block Dress Street Fashion

Street fashion doesn't always line up with summer fashion styles. It is edgier and more casual. It is very rare that some of the trends you would find in a fashion magazine would sync up perfectly with street styles.

There are plenty of street fashion dresses that use color block patterns. This purple, yellow and black mini dress is perfect for going to the club or just spending the night on the town. The vertical stripes set it apart from other spring clothing designs, letting you know that this is not your typical summer dress. If you want a dress color that really pops, try this awesome party dress.

I hope this guide helped you choose a new color block dress. Whether you are looking for a hot design that really pops or you just want a trendy new look for your next get together, this gorgeous style is for you! Just add the right accessories and you are good to go. Invest in a colorful new dress today!

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